“I Met Karlie Kloss”

Check out this story posted by Lomax. Karlie seems like a really sweet, amazing person. I wish I get to meet her as well someday!

So today played host to one of the greatest moments in my life. That sounds a bit intense I realize, but you have to trust me on this one. As I’m sure many of you have noticed, I post frequently on this blog and my Tumblr about Karlie Kloss. She’s my absolute favorite model and I’ve loved her work ever since the first time I saw her in Teen Vogue threeish years ago. I mean obviously she’s gorgeous but I guess I’ve always admired the fact that she is an “all-American” girl who has conquered the modeling industry by the age of eighteen. Every time I’ve seen her in interviews she seems so sweet and approachable; I’ve always told myself that if I ever meet her I have to go up and say hi to her.

As luck would have it I was bored today waiting for my casting to start so I decided to do some shopping. I went out of my way to find Topshop in Soho but before I ran into it I walked by an American Apparel store. I’ve never even bought anything in that store but for whatever reason I decided to go in and have a look. When I was done in the store I walked out and starting heading to Topshop. Before I knew it I noticed a super tall girl walking towards me. I always love seeing other tall girls on the street so I just kind of observed her casually until I realized “oh my gosh it’s Karlie Kloss”. Before I could even hesitate I walked straight up to her, tapped her on the arm, and introduced myself. Luckily she was a complete sweetheart and greeted me very sincerely and stopped what she was doing to talk to me. I told her I was a fan of hers and that it was such a pleasure randomly meeting her. She asked where I was from and how long I’d been modeling. The fact that she just assumed I was a model kind of made my life, I mean a super model telling me that I looked like a model? Amazing.

After some small talk about modeling she asked if I just graduated high school (again, how does she know these things? She’s a mind reader) and I of course said yes and she said she did too. I obviously knew she graduated high school, but I tried to appear as normal and unstalker like as possible so I just kind of nodded my head and smiled. She asked if I was going to college and I said I was unsure what the future holds for me because of modeling, and she recommended I take a year off and just try and see what can happen. She then continued to tell me to never give up on modeling, that if it was meant to happen it would, etc etc. I mean I could just keep going on and on about what we talked about. The conversation we had must have lasted at least five or more minutes. It’s still kind of mind boggling to think that I had a conversation with her. I mean I realize she is one of the most famous models in the world right now and she’s walking every major runway, and is dominating designer campaigns, but what I’ve always liked about her is that she still seemed like a normal young girl; clearly that’s how she truly is.

I seriously had the best day ever because of meeting her. I mean back in Arizona I would never have had a moment like that. Sure I’m no where near being some fabulous model, but I still am living in a great city and I have so many incredible opportunities and experiences in front of me. I am constantly getting discouraged by the harsh industry, but after talking with her and hearing her positive words I feel like a fire has been lit inside me again. If I wouldn’t have gone last minute shopping today, or even been on the side of the street that I was on at the time, I never would have met Karlie. I guess some greater power planned that I would meet her, and I am just so thankful that I did, it’s something I will remember forever. Karlie is truly a kind person who is completely gorgeous on the outside, and definitely just as gorgeous on the inside; who could be better to look up to and aspire to be?