Adidas Spring/Summer 2016 “I’m Here to Create”

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Season: Spring/Summer 2016
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Teen Vogue: Why is working out important to you?
Karlie Kloss: Working out helps me feel productive and healthy, both mentally and physically. Nothing is better than working up a good sweat to keep that balance.

TV: What are your favorite workouts and why are they your faves?
KK: I love mixing it up—spin class, plyometrics workouts, or a hike with friends are my go-told. My current favorites are boxing for high intensity and pilates for lengthening.

TV: How do you make time to work out with such a hectic schedule?
KK: I cherish my workouts. They recharge me mentally and physically so I do my best to prioritize them, even if it’s a quick sweat in a hotel gym with hand weights and stretch bands.

TV: What inspiration do you want to give young girls with this adidas campaign and your other ventures, like Kode with Karlie and Klossies?
KK: I love that this campaign highlights a group of strong, intelligent women who stand for so much, whether as an athlete, an activist, a student, a sister—we can be whatever we want, all at once. It celebrates the complexity that makes each of us different.

TV: What’s your go-to workout outfit that transitions from the gym to streetwear?
KK: I love a cool pair of patterned leggings with a sweater or light jacket when I’m on the go. As of late I’ve been rocking my Adidas Ultimate Fit High-Rise Long Tights. They’re great for high-impact workouts.