Garage Magazine Spring/Summer 2016

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Magazine: Garage Magazine (Spring/Summer 2015)
Photographed by: Patrick Demarchelier
Styled by: Jimmy Paul

Karlie Kloss is our very own GARAGE agent. Cover star of Issue 10, Kloss was styled to reflect the grace and power of one of Marvel’s most-famous superheros: Black Widow. We took some time out to chat to her about all things super.

Who’s your favourite MARVEL superhero?
Black Widow. She’s a spy and athlete — an all around power woman.

What superpower would represent you?
My superpower would be cookie consumption. That said, if I could pick one superpower, I’d want to be able to instantly travel in space.

How do you feel this project contributes to the empowerment of women?
It’s important that young girls have fierce and strong role models to look up to and that’s what this project is really about. These role models come in many forms, from fictional superheros to incredible businesswomen to strong female athletes.

Who’s your real-life superhero?
My mom is my real-life superhero. She’s one of the strongest women I know and is always there for me!

Who would be your sidekick?
Definitely my puppy, Joe. He would rock a superhero cape.

What is women’s biggest strength?
I think there’s power and strength in working together and supporting one another. Women bring so much to the table though that I couldn’t call out just one strength.