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Season: Spring/Summer 2016
Photographed by: Johan Sandberg

Karlie Kloss opens up about vlogging, visiting Nova Scotia and her spring style musts.

Hey Karlie Kloss fans! Your favourite supermodel is back with Joe Fresh for our new spring campaign, which features a floral backdrop almost as pretty as Karlie herself. While shooting in New York—along with fellow supermodel Liya Kebede—we had the chance to sit with Karlie during some downtime and got the latest scoop on her many projects. She talked to us about her adventures in vlogging, reading her fan comments and a recent trip up North to beautiful Nova Scotia.

JF: Hi Karlie! So what are your biggest goals for 2016?
KK: My biggest goal for 2016 is kind to keep building out all the projects that I have on my plate right now. I started at NYU this past fall and the past few months I have been in class—so I have to balance that life with my work and traveling. I also have a few other initiatives: I started a non-profit called Kode with Karlie that creates scholarships for girls to learn how to code and bring awareness and advocacy to the space. I want to get more girls involved and be able to sponsor more girls.

JF: What about Klossy, your YouTube channel?
KK: That’s a really fun project—it’s a big one. It’s been a lot of fun to slowly test different things on it. It’s very homemade and personal. It’s very straight from me to whoever is watching. It’s in my kitchen, it’s in my house, it’s backstage at shows with me. It’s a fun window into my world and a way to share a little more than just an Instagram picture or a Tweet. I feel like I get to do some amazing things and I get to experience so much, and I want to bring other people along with me.

JF: Do you read your fan comments on the videos?
KK: Oh my God yes, I read all the comments! It’s really amazing. There’s really a nice community feel. It definitely feels a lot more intimate than any other platform so it’s been fun and a new experience… And I’ve found there’s really no rhyme or reason why some things are really successful and go viral. There are no rules, which makes it interesting.

JF: We saw that you went to Canada a few months back and shot for Vogue in Nova Scotia. How was that experience?
KK: Oh my gosh I loved Canada! It was so beautiful—I mean just the raw nature and raw beauty. It took a while to get to—we were at this very remote place in Nova Scotia [Cap D’or on the Bay of Fundy] with a lighthouse. It was famous for whale watching. It’s a spot where where all these different sea currents come together. We were elevated and you had this unbelievable view of the ocean and it’s completely untouched. In Canada, I think people really value and respect the land, and spend a lot of time outdoors. I think it’s really wonderful to spend time there.

JF: Spring is around the corner. What are some of your favourite things about the season?
KK: I love the spring because it’s sort of that in-between season. It’s not hot but it still has that optimism of getting sunnier and warmer and the days are longer. This spring collection has lots of light dresses that are perfect for a brunch with friends—comfortable and light and great for layering with sweaters. I love that Joe Fresh has really good sweaters, blouses and T-shirts—the kind of stuff you can wear year round.