Karlie Kloss tells all!

Our one-on-one with the gorgeous model.

The gorgeous face of L’Oréal Paris dishes on everything from fashion, beauty, friends, food and more! And, yes, she’s just as sweet as she looks.

You travel so much for work. What’s your packing strategy?
With my passport in hand, my laptop and my suitcase, I can literally travel the world on a whim. I love travelling light. I store everything in different pouches. Keeping everything separate helps, especially when you’re gone for a long time.

Do you change your style depending on the city you’re in or do you stick to a similar look?
I try to just bring key basics, like great sweaters that I can layer. I also like to pack a great pair of boots, heels, flats, jeans, a trench coat and a lot of accessories to sort of mix and match.

What about beauty products? What are your must-haves when you’re travelling?
I’m all about BB cream, because it’s moisturizing but also has light coverage. I love a cream blush to sculpt my cheeks and a cream shadow to smudge along my lash line. Then, I do either a liquid liner or a pencil. It’s easy, but it looks cool. I sometimes use cream blush on my lips or lipstick on my cheeks. I’ll apply concealer under my eyes and on spots but also on my lips, since they’re quite red and I like to make them more nude sometimes.

Any other makeup essentials?
I’m obsessed with the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Superstar Mascara ($14.99). It has been game-changing for me because I don’t have very long lashes and it really picks up the small guys.

Do you have any tricks for taking your makeup from day to night?
I always love a bold lip for nighttime. I feel that it’s a little more dramatic. I love classic reds or deep purples.

Any fashion items on your wish list?
I’m all about boots. I love knee-high suede boots. I’ve been eyeing a few chic ones. I love ’70s silhouettes, colours and the kind of vibe that’s been on the runways. I have some shopping to do!

You attended the VMAs with your friend Taylor Swift and the rest of the Bad Blood squad. How was that?
That was a really fun girls’ night out! I hadn’t seen a lot of my friends for a while, so it was so great to all come back together and have a girls’ night.

Do you guys ever get ready together before a big event like that?
That’s what we did! We all got ready together, which was a bit chaotic. I grew up in a house of girls. I have three sisters, and we would all just share clothes and makeup. It felt a little bit like that when we were all getting ready. It was like prom or getting ready for a school dance.

Fave accounts to follow?
I like following NASA, L’Oréal Paris, fashion publications and The Wall Street Journal. I also really love to follow food blogs and chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay to get good recipes. Eva Longoria is hysterical – I’m obsessed with her! I really got to know her at the last Cannes Film Festival. She’s brilliant! I also love mindbodygreen. And National Geographic is another great one.

Your fave foods?
I’m such a foodie! I love avocado, pomegranate, watermelon, fresh fish and anything that’s in season. All sorts of healthy super-foods.

Do you have a signature dish that you make?
I like taking very fresh ingredients and keeping it simple, like grilled fresh fish and veggies. I love veggies. I sometimes throw some in my Vitamix and it becomes a delicious soup!

Five little things that will always make you happy?
Dark chocolate, holidays, a good night’s sleep (at least eight hours of sleep makes me so happy), finishing a good book and that feeling after a long run.

Your current girl crush?
Jane Fonda.