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Karlie Kloss x EXPRESS Photoshoot

Karlie Kloss x EXPRESS Photoshoot

I finally managed to upload Karlie’s photoshoot for her Karlie Kloss x EXPRESS collection which came out this year. You can shop the collection on Have you already checked it out? If so, let us know which pieces are your favorites in the comments below.

Klossy – First Time Designing a Collection

Today, Karlie published a new video on her YouTube channel Klossy. The video shows how Karlie x Express came to life. From sketches to runway shows and the photoshoot, Karlie tells and shows how her first collection for the brand Express was created. By the way, you can shop the collection here.

Over a year ago I set out with Express to design a collection of 17 staple pieces. We wanted to create pieces that were versatile, pieces that you could dress up or dress down, that you could throw it a suitcase and be on the road for weeks!

It started with emails: lists of what I considered to be my can’t-live-without staples. From there, meetings: we created sketches, chose patterns, fabrics, buttons and zippers. Then, we worked on fit, final touches, and sent it out to production.

To shoot the collection, we flew down St. Barths to shoot with Theo Wenner, which was a fairytale. Finally, we brought it home with a runway show on the same runway I was discovered on in St. Louis. Hannah Bronfman DJed, Charli XCX performed, and girls came from across the country to walk in the show! Hope you enjoy it!

Thank you thank you thank you to Express, the Express Design Teams, Karla Welch, and everyone who worked tirelessly to make the collection come together.

This is how Karlie describes the experience in the video description. Check out the video below. I also added 239 HD screen captures of the YouTube video to the new photo gallery category “screen captures“. Enjoy!

Adidas Spring/Summer 2016 “I’m Here to Create”

Campaigns > 2016 > Adidas Spring/Summer

Season: Spring/Summer 2016
Photographed by:

Teen Vogue: Why is working out important to you?
Karlie Kloss: Working out helps me feel productive and healthy, both mentally and physically. Nothing is better than working up a good sweat to keep that balance.

TV: What are your favorite workouts and why are they your faves?
KK: I love mixing it up—spin class, plyometrics workouts, or a hike with friends are my go-told. My current favorites are boxing for high intensity and pilates for lengthening.

TV: How do you make time to work out with such a hectic schedule?
KK: I cherish my workouts. They recharge me mentally and physically so I do my best to prioritize them, even if it’s a quick sweat in a hotel gym with hand weights and stretch bands.

TV: What inspiration do you want to give young girls with this adidas campaign and your other ventures, like Kode with Karlie and Klossies?
KK: I love that this campaign highlights a group of strong, intelligent women who stand for so much, whether as an athlete, an activist, a student, a sister—we can be whatever we want, all at once. It celebrates the complexity that makes each of us different.

TV: What’s your go-to workout outfit that transitions from the gym to streetwear?
KK: I love a cool pair of patterned leggings with a sweater or light jacket when I’m on the go. As of late I’ve been rocking my Adidas Ultimate Fit High-Rise Long Tights. They’re great for high-impact workouts.


L’Oréal Paris ‘Studio Pro’ 2016

L’Oréal Paris > Advertisement > [2016] L’Oréal Paris ‘Studio Pro’

Season: Spring/Summer 2016
Photographed by: Kenneth Willardt

Joe Fresh Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

Campaigns > 2016 > Joe Fresh Spring/Summer

Season: Spring/Summer 2016
Photographed by: Johan Sandberg

Karlie Kloss opens up about vlogging, visiting Nova Scotia and her spring style musts.

Hey Karlie Kloss fans! Your favourite supermodel is back with Joe Fresh for our new spring campaign, which features a floral backdrop almost as pretty as Karlie herself. While shooting in New York—along with fellow supermodel Liya Kebede—we had the chance to sit with Karlie during some downtime and got the latest scoop on her many projects. She talked to us about her adventures in vlogging, reading her fan comments and a recent trip up North to beautiful Nova Scotia.

JF: Hi Karlie! So what are your biggest goals for 2016?
KK: My biggest goal for 2016 is kind to keep building out all the projects that I have on my plate right now. I started at NYU this past fall and the past few months I have been in class—so I have to balance that life with my work and traveling. I also have a few other initiatives: I started a non-profit called Kode with Karlie that creates scholarships for girls to learn how to code and bring awareness and advocacy to the space. I want to get more girls involved and be able to sponsor more girls.

JF: What about Klossy, your YouTube channel?
KK: That’s a really fun project—it’s a big one. It’s been a lot of fun to slowly test different things on it. It’s very homemade and personal. It’s very straight from me to whoever is watching. It’s in my kitchen, it’s in my house, it’s backstage at shows with me. It’s a fun window into my world and a way to share a little more than just an Instagram picture or a Tweet. I feel like I get to do some amazing things and I get to experience so much, and I want to bring other people along with me.

JF: Do you read your fan comments on the videos?
KK: Oh my God yes, I read all the comments! It’s really amazing. There’s really a nice community feel. It definitely feels a lot more intimate than any other platform so it’s been fun and a new experience… And I’ve found there’s really no rhyme or reason why some things are really successful and go viral. There are no rules, which makes it interesting.

JF: We saw that you went to Canada a few months back and shot for Vogue in Nova Scotia. How was that experience?
KK: Oh my gosh I loved Canada! It was so beautiful—I mean just the raw nature and raw beauty. It took a while to get to—we were at this very remote place in Nova Scotia [Cap D’or on the Bay of Fundy] with a lighthouse. It was famous for whale watching. It’s a spot where where all these different sea currents come together. We were elevated and you had this unbelievable view of the ocean and it’s completely untouched. In Canada, I think people really value and respect the land, and spend a lot of time outdoors. I think it’s really wonderful to spend time there.

JF: Spring is around the corner. What are some of your favourite things about the season?
KK: I love the spring because it’s sort of that in-between season. It’s not hot but it still has that optimism of getting sunnier and warmer and the days are longer. This spring collection has lots of light dresses that are perfect for a brunch with friends—comfortable and light and great for layering with sweaters. I love that Joe Fresh has really good sweaters, blouses and T-shirts—the kind of stuff you can wear year round.


Diane Von Furstenberg Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

Campaigns > 2016 > Diane Von Furstenberg Spring/Summer

Season: Spring/Summer 2016
Photographed by: Angelo Pennetta


What was your first interaction with the DVF brand?
I fell in love with the DVF brand during my first runway show. The beauty of the brand is that everyone feels Diane’s magic whenever they wear the clothes—on or off the runway.

What makes the House of DVF relevant today?
I think House of DVF is relevant to today because it embodies the importance of self-care and self-confidence. When you’re comfortable with being yourself, you’re able to make so much more of life and the relationships you have. It’s always relevant to be grateful, creative, bold and – most importantly – yourself.

The first time you met Diane, what was she doing?
The first time I met Diane was at a casting call—one of my first ever. I was nervous to have a meeting with such an iconic designer and she completely put me at ease with her exuberant smile and kindness. She’s been a very special presence in my life ever since.

How are you the woman you want to be?
My curiosity and desire to continue learning helps me be the woman I want to be.

What inspires you, and how do you inspire?
Learning new things, tapping into my creative side, and helping others inspire me.

What is the most inspiring thing Diane has ever said to you?
Diane once told me that it’s a true privilege and duty to use your voice to help and support people who may not have a voice. Seeing her live this value every day by sharing her platform and giving back is very cool.

My real life Wonder Woman is…
…My mom. She’s is one of the strongest people I know and created so many opportunities for my sisters and me to pursue our passions.

This is your second campaign for DVF, and you have walked for the House for many seasons. How has your relationship with DVF and with Diane evolved over the years?
Diane has been such a powerful figure in my life. She embodies the woman I aspire to be. She’s been an incredible mentor and friend and for as long as I’ve known her, she has supported me and encouraged me to challenge myself in ways I didn’t know were possible.

What’s one new thing you’re in love with right now?
Right now, I’m completely obsessed with the iPad I got as a holiday present. I take it with me everywhere 🙂

Can you name one woman around you who is working magic?
Christy Turlington Burns. She has figured out how to balance all aspects of life which is truly magic! I respect and admire her so much not only for her career, but also because she was able to go back to school and have a family while founding Every Mother Counts. That women really does it all!

What does it mean to be self-made?
Self-made = some serious hustle.

What inspires you to have no fear?
Ha! Who says I have no fear? When I’m scared, I try to imagine the worst that can happen and often times I realize I can handle it. My family, friends and mentors give me strength to take risks because I know they’ll always be there to support me.

What does #youbeyou mean to you? Why is this rallying cry important right now?
It means be YOU! There is only one of you and we all need to celebrate what makes us different.

Tamara Mellon Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Campaigns > 2015 > Tamara Mellon Spring/Summer

Season: Spring/Summer 2015
Photographed by:

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Campaigns > 2015 > Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer

Season: Spring/Summer 2015
Photographed by: David Sims

We have had quite a few surprises so far on the SS15 campaign trail. Joan Didion for Celine; Joni Mitchell for Saint Laurent; Julia Roberts for Givenchy; Naomi and Jourdan for Burberry; Calvin Harris for Armani. But if you asked us in September what the Marc Jacobs campaign would look like, this is exactly it.

During New York Fashion Week supermodels including Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls and Kendall Jenner went barefaced at Marc Jacobs, with matching black fringed bobs. When we say no make up, we mean no make up – the only product used was burgundy nail varnish on the toes.

The campaign, shot by David Sims and styled by Katie Grand, sees Marc Jacobs’ supermodel troops, including Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls, Karlie Kloss, Adriana Lima and Anja Rubik, back in the MJ uniform. They wear the utilatarian garments in sludgy grey-green, olive and navy, with no make-up and the same identikit hair that marched down the catwalk.

Karlie Kloss is in the new Marc Jacobs S/S 2015 Campaign


TROOP MARC JACOBS: The spring campaign from Marc Jacobs features an army of top models, including Anja Rubik, Karlie Kloss, Adriana Lima, Joan Smalls, Kendall Jenner, Natasha Poly, Anna Ewers, Issa Lish and Jessica Stam, styled in his military uniform-inspired spring look and a messy bob wig from the runway show. Styled by Katie Grand and shot by David Sims, with hair by Guido Palau and makeup by Diane Kendal, the campaign includes nine double page layouts featuring a full-length shot and a portrait of each model. The campaign will begin to run in the January issues of leading fashion magazines.


Jason Wu Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Campaigns > 2015 > Jason Wu Spring/Summer

Season: Spring/Summer 2015
Photographed by: Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin

Jason Wu has been forgoing traditional ad campaigns since Spring ’13, when he started his popular Supermodel Supper Club. The concept is exactly as it sounds: Bona fide supermodels (including Christy Turlington Burns and Stephanie Seymour) slip into Wu’s latest wares and pose for Inez van Lamsweerde in iconic New York restaurants. Each location is chosen to complement the collection. For instance, for Fall ’14, Adriana Lima stood on a table at the swanky Four Seasons in an emerald-green gown that oozed power and sex appeal. Wu’s Spring ’15 collection was a little more pared-back, so he staged his new campaign—his fifth in the series—at the Grand Central Oyster Bar. Spring’s lucky supe? Just his old friend Karlie Kloss. “It was really kind of serendipitous,” he told at his Garment District studio. “After the Spring show, Inez came up to me and said it should be Karlie. She stole the show in this black shirtdress, and she’s one of my dearest friends. The collection was really about all-American beauty, and she is the essence of that in every way.”

Images from the campaign debut exclusively here. The contrast between the ultra-luxe clothes, dramatic interiors, and buckets of shellfish captures Wu’s sharp attention to detail. In one ad, Kloss reclines in a glittering dress alongside lobsters of the same color. Plates of key lime pie look so good, you half expect Kloss to take a bite. “You get the sense that it’s really capturing a moment in time,” Wu said. “It wasn’t super-staged. We did minimal lighting, and everything just took a few shots since I’ve done so many photos with Karlie. You can just tell in the pictures that we’re great friends.”

Their story is practically a fashion fairy tale, so it’s fitting that this is Wu’s last Supermodel Supper Club campaign. “We liked the idea of the number five,” he explained. “The look we established will continue, but stopping now just felt right. Karlie and I have watched each other grow and develop, so it’s a great time for the final installment.” And although Wu’s next project is bound to be just as (if not more) ambitious, his models might be disappointed they missed out on some of the best food in New York. “After the shoot, we all ate lobster rolls and clam chowder,” he said. “You kind of have to!”

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