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Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Were Shot Together for Vogue (Rumor)

Taylor Swift has a long list of BFFs: Lorde, Emma Stone, Jaime King, Selena Gomez, and Lena Dunham can all count on the singer to bake them cookies, visit Catalina Island, and dance in the front row of myriad award shows. But OK, even fans can get in touch with the 25-year-old to vent about boy problems or talk crop tops—only one can ask her to pose on the cover of a magazine. Rumor has it that Karlie Kloss and Swift will appear together in (or on) Vogue for the magazine’s March issue.

On Sunday night, Swift attended Golden Globes after parties with her posse and the fashion set was whispering (loudly) about the pair’s recent shoot. Speculation was swirling in hushed tones that the famous tome tapped Mario Testino or Annie Leibovitz—two of its go-to photographers—to capture the long-legged blondes posing together.

So why is Swift posing now? Her album, 1989, was released in October and was the best-selling LP of 2014; her tour kicks off in May and sold out in minutes; she just performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion and Jingle Balls across the country; and she’s graced the pages of Wonderland, Time, People, Lucky, Vogue UK, and more in just the past six months. Talk of the town is that she participated in the shoot as a favor to her model bestie. While Kloss is one of the most recognizable faces in fashion, she’s also attempting to break into other business sectors: She has Karlie’s Kookies at Momofuku Milk Bar, has been taking coding classes, and has a collaboration with Frame Denim. She’s yet to catapult beyond the runway and fashion, but if anyone can help her hit the mainstream it’s Swift.

So why is Swift posing now? Her album, 1989, was released in October and was the best-selling LP of 2014; her tour kicks off in May and sold out in minutes; she just performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion and Jingle Balls across the country; and she’s graced the pages of Wonderland, Time, People, Lucky, Vogue UK, and more in just the past six months. Talk of the town is that she participated in the shoot as a favor to her model bestie. While Kloss is one of the most recognizable faces in fashion, she’s also attempting to break into other business sectors: She has Karlie’s Kookies at Momofuku Milk Bar, has been taking coding classes, and has a collaboration with Frame Denim. She’s yet to catapult beyond the runway and fashion, but if anyone can help her hit the mainstream it’s Swift.


PEOPLE Magazine Awards: Karlie Kloss Wins Model of the Year

Public Appearances > 2014 > PEOPLE Magazine Awards

CALIFORNIA, DECEMBER 18: Model Karlie Kloss attends the PEOPLE Magazine Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on December 18, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California.

She’s best known as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but Karlie Kloss’s modeling career reached new heights in 2014.

The face of L’Oréal Paris was named Model of the Year at the PEOPLE Magazine Awards on Thursday.

“Thank you very much. Great music is big part of a model’s work on the runway,” said Kloss, 22, as she accepted her award at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles and introduced Maroon 5.

Kloss has had a busy year. She’s modeled in campaigns for Nike, Jason Wu, H&M, Chanel, Nieman Marcus, Donna Karan, Warby Parker and more and has been a regular fixture in fashion magazines including Vogue, W and Elle.

Karlie Kloss is in the new Marc Jacobs S/S 2015 Campaign


TROOP MARC JACOBS: The spring campaign from Marc Jacobs features an army of top models, including Anja Rubik, Karlie Kloss, Adriana Lima, Joan Smalls, Kendall Jenner, Natasha Poly, Anna Ewers, Issa Lish and Jessica Stam, styled in his military uniform-inspired spring look and a messy bob wig from the runway show. Styled by Katie Grand and shot by David Sims, with hair by Guido Palau and makeup by Diane Kendal, the campaign includes nine double page layouts featuring a full-length shot and a portrait of each model. The campaign will begin to run in the January issues of leading fashion magazines.


Glamour US January 2015 Editorial

Magazines > Editorials > 2015 > Glamour US January

Magazine: Glamour US (January 2015)
Title: New Year, New Look
Photographed by: Patrick Demarchelier
Styled by: Jillian Davison

Oscar was my mentor and friend—an honorary grandfather, if you will. I grew up with him in this industry. When he died, I felt loss and grief, but I also felt gratitude, tremendous gratitude, to have known and worked with him as closely as I did.

I met Oscar when I was just a teenager. It was my second season of doing shows, so I was still very fresh and it was all new. I remember walking into his atelier and being so wide-eyed; it was covered from wall to wall with trays of beautiful jewelry and gorgeous shoes and gowns. There were textures and fabrics I didn’t know existed. Here I was, this American girl from the Midwest, standing in this house of elegance and luxury to the level of First Ladies. The technique and craft that went into creating an Oscar de la Renta dress was like that of a couture house. It was totally intimidating! I don’t know what he saw in me; I was a kid playing dress-up in these elaborate, womanly gowns. But he saw something, because I walked in nearly every one of his shows from that point on.

At Oscar’s atelier everyone was like family—that’s the way he created it. He treated each and every person with such respect and love. I got to know every seamstress, every tailor. When I would come in for a fitting before a show, everyone was running around him, crazy and frantic. And Oscar was just calm, cool, collected, sitting in his chair. He genuinely loved his craft and was very much at home there. He was involved in every detail of the design process. Working for Oscar and being in his studio, you could tell it’s where he breathed. He was a gentleman in a way that is of another era. He almost always wore a tie. You would never catch Oscar in a T-shirt and jeans. Never. Forget it! He was always composed and elegant.

Oscar adored, respected, and celebrated women—and made them feel beautiful. We bonded over dance. He was a lover of dance, and I had classical ballet training. That was one of the first things he noticed about me. He saw the runway as a stage to perform on. It wasn’t just walking when you were on an Oscar runway. You were breathing life into the clothes and becoming the woman he designed for—a woman who is unbelievably elegant, poised, intelligent, confident, powerful.

Before a show he would always grab my hand and say, “Karlie, you are beautiful.” That was everything. Nobody does that! It doesn’t matter if you’re a model about to go on the runway or just any woman, somebody grabbing your hands and looking you in the eyes like you’re the only person in the world? He made you feel special. I’d go in for fittings and stay longer than I was meant to, trying on the whole collection.

For the past several years, I would open or close his show, and as it got harder for him to walk, he started bringing me out with him when he took his bow. He would really hold on to me when we did that walk. It was an unbelievable honor, and every season it was our thing. Looking back, I realize he was getting frailer. But in my mind, I always saw this tan, suave man.

I remember him saying once that what he finds beautiful is confidence and kindness in the same person. He saw that in me before I realized it in myself. When he would quiet the room, turn on the music, and have me walk for him, I exuded the essence of the Oscar woman.

I certainly aspired to. He gave me a gold silk scarf once, and I wore that scarf like it was a ball gown. You put on Oscar de la Renta, and it makes you stand taller and feel more graceful. There was another time when I was still in high school and we were shooting his campaign. I had homecoming the next day, and he let me take the gown from the campaign to wear to my school dance. I felt absolutely beautiful!

But that was just Oscar: He was such a giving person. He did a lot of philanthropic work in the Dominican Republic, including opening an orphanage there. To him, everyone was equal.

I attended the Met Gala with Oscar just eight months ago. That night at the dinner, I had one of the most heartfelt conversations with him that I’ve ever had with anyone. He told me how he fell in love with his wife, Annette, and he told me about his first wife, who had died of cancer 30 years before. The most important thing in life, he said that night, is to love and be loved, and to do what you love. For me, it was so inspiring to see someone at 81, still so happy going to work.

I wish I could have spent much more time with him, but his spirit will be with me for the rest of my life. He treated me as his muse and friend. And that empowered me to think of myself as more than just a model wearing the clothes. With Oscar, I thought of myself as a part of the clothes, as giving them air, life, energy, character, spirit. The fact that he respected me doing my job helped me respect me doing my job. His support very much helped me become who I am, professionally and personally. He helped me realize the beauty and power in being an intelligent, elegant, graceful woman. When I first met him, I pretended to play that woman in his shows, but I’ve since realized that that’s the woman I, Karlie, want to be every day.


Karlie Kloss on the One Piece of Makeup She’d Never Leave the House Without Wearing

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show takes place in London on Tuesday and with it brings 40 Angels and editors across the pond from New York City. I got to interview model Karlie Kloss on the private flight, and we talked about how she’s feeling about this year’s show, backstage beauty tips and tricks she’s learned over the years, and the piece of makeup she’d never leave home without.

Glamour: Tell me how you’re feeling about this season’s show.

Karlie Kloss: I’m beyond excited at this point. I feel like we’ve been looking forward to this for all year round, really. The 12 months since the last show kind of flew by, and it’s surreal that it’s happening! The fact that we’re actually on the plane, on the way to the show, and it’s happening is—it’s moving too fast! I’m not sure I’m ready for it, but it’s amazing.

Glamour: You were just getting your makeup done. Are there any tips that you’ve learned from working with so many artists over the years?

KK: Oh, gosh. Over the last eight years—I should be better at doing it for myself at this point—but one thing I’ve gotten really good about is learning about technique and the right kind of brushes to use. It’s like being an artist, ya know? Without the proper tools, you can’t work. I think when you’re able to nail a few things, like how to apply really great flawless skin, cover up dark circles or a pimple, and then add a little bit of blush, a little mascara or eyeshadow—that’s the best. I’ve learned from the best the greatest ways to apply makeup.

Glamour: Are there any pieces of makeup you’d never leave the house without wearing?

KK: You know, I really like a BB cream. I’m all about something that can multitask. I don’t like to spend too much time getting ready in the morning. I like to get as much sleep as I can and leave only a little cushion of time to get ready, so I generally like to multitask with a BB cream that moisturizes and also has a light coverage. Then just covering up those little spots, ya know? That’s all you really need to have a good flawless look. And then a bit of a cream blush. I love a cream blush.

Glamour: How do you like to apply it?

KK: I use my fingers just for applying concealer or cream blush. But recently I’ve really gotten into the idea of those pink sponge things, which I used to laugh at because they looked like overpriced Easter eggs. But they’re actually great. I’ve been having fun playing with those.

Glamour: I love those too! You travel so often. What are some essentials that you bring on every flight?

KK: I roll up really comfortable sweatpants and tuck them in my bag. They’re just a pair from my sister’s school, like the Soffe ones, the college sweatpants. Nothing fancy. I also bring comfy fuzzy socks. Again, I just like to keep it simple. I like to wear no makeup and just bring a good cream and make sure I drink water and hydrate. I just do whatever I can to pamper myself. I’m pretty low-maintenance.

Glamour: Cool! You guys have been working out like crazy to get ready for the show. What’s on your playlist?

KK: I love a mix of everything. I love Haim, Taylor Swift’s new album, old Kanye, and Rihanna. I love Adele, anything Beyonce—the hits. But I love the XX as well. You know, I use it as a time to listen to good music or watch Netflix.

Glamour: Is there anything you’re looking forward to seeing Taylor perform?

KK: I’m just excited to have her there more than anything else. It’s always nice to have a really good friend here. And Taylor is so much fun! Last year we had so much fun on the runway but also just experiencing this special show together. It’s a once-in-a-life-time opportunity if you’re lucky, and I’ve done it four times, so it’s amazing. It’s really good.


Taylor Swift Is Basically Karlie Kloss’s Twin: Here Are 5 Photos to Prove It

Taylor Swift has made it clear she has no time for (or interest) in dating right now. So that leaves the star more time to hang with her closest friends. And we think one of those friends in particular is having a big influence on the 24-year-old singer’s look.

Taylor and her supermodel bestie Karlie Kloss have become super tight-knit over the past year — and we’re starting to see a lot of Kloss in Swift’s everyday style. Below, five examples of how Taylor is turning into Karlie (just a little bit).

Taylor and her supermodel bestie Karlie Kloss have become super tight-knit over the past year — and we’re starting to see a lot of Kloss in Swift’s everyday style. Below, five examples of how Taylor is turning into Karlie (just a little bit).

• She’s all about her abs
The singer owns more crop tops than Kim Kardashian, which is no small feat. She loves showing off her flat stomach, and surprise, her best friend does too. So now when they hit award shows together, they’re like a pair of abs-baring superheroes.

• She got the Karlie cut
We never thought Taylor would chop her famously long locks, but in Februaryshe proved us wrong. And the shoulder-grazing style immediately reminded us of someone else’s “It” chop.

• She moved to New York
And not only does she now call the Big Apple her home, but Taylor is an N.Y.C.ambassador of tourism. So now she and Karlie (who also calls N.Y.C. her home) can do things like cheer on the New York Knicks together. High fives all around.

• She loves to work out
Taylor has been spending a lot of time in the gym since moving to N.Y.C. You know who else spends a lot of time at the gym? Nike spokesmodel Karlie Kloss. But unlike Karlie, Taylor never leaves the gym in her workout clothes.

“I think New York is one of those cities that feels worth dressing up for … I just feel like when I walk out onto the sidewalk in New York, I have to try a little harder,” Swift told Seth Meyers of her flawless post-gym outfits. “But it’s not like an extra hour at the gym — I read that somewhere and was like that’s ridiculous.”

• She’s an honorary “Angel”
We have a feeling Taylor might actually walk the catwalk with wings at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in London. But really, the singer is performing for the second year in a row, and we’re already anticipating a lot of goofy backstage BFF shots between the two long-legged beauties.


Karlie Kloss: Too good to be true?


She’s been called the nicest model in the industry – and even bakes cookies for charity. Meet the model in an exclusive interview

Until she reached her early teens, Karlie Kloss was a regular girl growing up in a small town in America’s Midwest. So it’s surprising that in between sports practice and school she never dyed her hair. After all, a dye job – and getting in trouble for staining the bath in the process – is something of a rite of passage for most teenage girls, like ballet practice or arguing with your best friend.

Today, though, not only is she tinting and dying all over the place, the supermodel was recently signed as the face – and locks – of Prodigy, a new hair-colour product from L’Oréal.

“I was always really boring with my hair,” says Kloss. “But I’ve found that changing your colour gives you a bit of a lift. We changed it for my first L’Oréal campaign and that was really the first time I’d touched it.”

Meeting a model of Kloss’s status is not the sort of experience that does wonders for the ego. When she unfolds her lithe limbs from the comfortably cushioned sofa and stands to greet me, I regret not wearing my highest pair of heels so I could look, if not in her eyes, somewhere around her shoulders at least.

Happily, though, despite achieving the sort of success and single-name recognition of the generation of supermodels before her, she hasn’t inherited any of their attitude. Instead, she is sweetly self-deprecating, calling herself a “giant” as if she could possibly be the genetically inferior one of the two of us. But such self-effacements seem to radiate from Kloss, who is known in the industry as ‘the nice one’. She is flattered by the reputation, and puts it down to her family, and the small community in which she was raised. She says, and you can’t help believe she is being sincere, that she doesn’t think she’s “that different from a lot of people”.

First spotted by a model scout when she was 14 years old, Kloss’s career has been unusually shaped by her family. The second of four daughters, she had only a vague idea of the fashion industry growing up, instead concentrating on plié-ing around ballet studios, doing schoolwork and honing her sporting skills. For a long while, in fact, she thought she would follow in her father’s footsteps and become a doctor. “I never thought I wanted to be a model, I never knew that job existed. I knew the supermodels of course, even in my small town I knew of Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, but it just seemed unattainable. Before I started modelling, the extent of my fashion knowledge was my subscription to Teen Vogue.”

Aptly, Kloss’s first magazine appearance was in the pages of that magazine. “After that, I came to New York for a weekend with my mum; I was 15 and had just started high school. I went to a casting at Calvin Klein and went up to meet Francisco Costa, the designer, with my mum waiting downstairs. I was really nervous – a shy, skinny and awkward 15-year-old – and I didn’t think it went that well. By the time I got downstairs, my mum was on the phone to my agent, jumping up and down and crying, ‘Karlie, you got it!’.”

After appearing exclusively (she was paid not to walk for any other brand) in the Calvin Klein show at 2007’s New York fashion week, Kloss – with mother in tow – was flown to Florence to meet the Gucci design team, who wanted her to be their exclusive model for Milan fashion week. “It was the first time I’d ever left the country. My mum had studied in Florence when she was in college, so it was a really special moment for us – to bring her back to Florence.”

For most, starting your career as a teenager would be a bewildering experience. But for Kloss, it was different. “I was so protected,” she says. “Every step of the way from that point on I had my mum or my dad, or my uncle or aunt or my grandmother – somebody from my family always. And if a family member couldn’t come on a trip with me, I brought my teacher. It was almost a joke at a certain point, but I got to travel the world and share it with my loved ones.”

It’s a testament to Kloss’s upbringing and strength of personality that, nearly a decade later, she still appears to be overwhelmed by her good fortune. “Everything that happens is something I would never have imagined happening to me. Working with L’Oréal is beyond a dream; when I was a kid, my sisters and I would play with my mum’s make-up and do our hair and mimic the commercials,” she says flicking her hair, and whispering that inimitable tagline, ‘Because you’re worth it’. As she dissolves into giggles you can almost see the teenager playing dress-up with her sisters in St Louis.

“To think that of the millions of women around the world I get to be a part of the L’Oréal world is crazy. It’s such a global brand that means so many different things to different women. I think that ideas of beauty in general are so diverse. I think ultimately that [it] comes from within and feeling worth it,” she says, unknowingly quoting that famous tagline.

Working with the company has been a surreal experience for the model in many ways, she says – not least meeting fellow spokeswomen such as Jane Fonda, Eva Longoria and Blake Lively: “These are people that I watched in the movies, in TV shows. But they’re all very welcoming. It doesn’t matter if you’re a superstar or not, I think that the people who don’t forget that and let it change them are the ones who have long-term success.”

Kloss is always looking to the long term and, unusually for a model, diversified in 2012 by partnering with New York bakery Momofuko Milk Bar to market Karlie’s Kookies. Nutrition and fitness are important to her, naturally. But she is keen to be a good role model, too.

“I can often be seen and not heard,” she says. “So the way I present myself can have a big impact, which is partially why I’m so passionate about health and fitness, and strength. I take responsibility for the fact that other young women see pictures of me and it might impact how they feel about themselves, so I only want to stand for things I’m proud of.”

Health is only part of Kloss’s idea of feeling good about herself though; giving back is important, too. Proceeds from her cookie range go towards the charity Feed, which supplies meals to those without the money to feed themselves (over 500,000 so far). “There’s an opportunity now to have a career for as long as you want it. And using the platform I have, the spotlight, for something meaningful motivates me,” says the model.

While Kloss says she wants to get a degree one day, she’s content attending various courses at Harvard Business School and New York University for now, as well as learning from people in the industry.

“It’s frustrating to me that there are stereotypes that come along with anyone in the entertainment industry – not just models, but actresses and athletes. It’s assumed that their focus on their appearance, craft or sport has something to do with their intelligence levels.” Her sweet nature, which comes through in conversation, probably enforces that conception, I suggest? “People don’t expect me to be well-read or have an opinion, I almost like that – I like being able to shock people.”

One person who never underestimated the model was Oscar de la Renta, with whom she had a close relationship. When we meet, two days after the designer’s death caused an outpouring of grief in the industry, it is obviously still an emotional subject for her.

“He was extraordinary – such a loving, passionate, joyful person. I really feel lucky that I got to work with him from the very beginning of my career, he’s always been such a supportive person, not only in my career but in my life. He was really special.”


Glamour US November 2014

Magazines > Editorials > 2014 > Glamour US November

Magazine: Glamour US (November 2014)
Title: A Little Black Magic
Photographed by: Dan Martensen
Styled by: Stella Greenspan

Karlie Kloss Is the New Face of L’Oréal Paris – Which We Learned While Baking Cookies at Her House!


L’Oréal Paris better start working on their next red lipstick, because they’ve just added another beauty to their roster: Supermodel Karlie Kloss, 22, who made the big announcement to editors while baking cookies in her beautifully decorated NYC brownstone last month. (Somehow our cookie experiences at 22 weren’t quite so glamorous, but we digress.) Read on for Kloss’s best beauty tips and to see shots from her kitchen (including a few of our own snaps) as well as her big new ad campaign.

The St. Louis native is not just a pretty face (who happens to have sixty gazillion modeling campaigns and walks some of the biggest runway shows in the world). She also is the creator of Karlie’s Kookies, which are dairy-free, gluten-free, relatively healthy and benefit Feed, which donates school meals to hungry children worldwide. And she squeezed a dozen editors into her kitchen to show us how they’re made, while looking impossibly put together in wide-legged pants, a cropped white tee and a custom apron made by a friend that said “Cookie Queen.”

Most important to the process? The centerpiece of her kitchen, “a red KitchenAid mixer I bought with my very first paycheck — [I got] $700 from [modeling for] Macy’s. It’s seen a lot of love, this guy!” she said. As she whipped up a batch, she answered a few questions, including that her spot-on bright lip was courtesy of her new employers: L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Glossy Balm in “Innocent Coral.”


In addition to keeping a stack of her September Vogue covers in her kitchen (oh sure, doesn’t everyone?) the walls of her home were covered in photos of family and friends (including some of her fashion besties). And Kloss tells PEOPLE that some of her biggest beauty inspiration comes from back home.

“I have three gorgeous sisters and each have very unique beauty looks,” she says. “I have always admired the way my youngest sister Kariann can walk out of the house without a spot of makeup and look stunning. She has this big beautiful smile and when she wears red lipstick she simply lights up the room.”

She also loves hairstyles from old family photos, though she may need a little help to rock them herself. “I love hair styles from the ’60s. I am obsessed with old photos of my grandmother and great grandmother with big bouffants,” she laughs. “I adore photos of my mom’s hair styles in the ’70s. She was a total babe and rocked big bouncy, curly hair — somehow I didn’t inherit those genes!”


Then we got down to business (beauty business, that is) for a little rapid-fire Q&A.

Any beauty looks from her youth she regrets? “I dyed my hair red for a photo shoot back when and it was a disaster. I looked terrible and my hair was destroyed. I couldn’t get that red undertone out of my hair for months and months.”

What about tips she’s picked up from getting her makeup professionally done, like, every day? “I love the eyelash curling trick of using a small teaspoon to lightly pinch your eyelashes and make them curl up a little more. The curl completely opens up your eyes!”

How wild will she get, makeup wise, on her own? “I like to use liquid liner and define the lash line. I also love a little mascara, a simple BB cream and a touch of creme blush on the apples of my cheeks. My routine is simple and quick and perfect as I am running out the door.”

And the three beauty products she’d take to a desert island are … “my L’Oréal Paris BB face lotion in SPF 50+ (for protection from the sun and for a perfect complexion), my L’Oréal Paris Volume Filler shampoo and conditioner (because great hair is a crucial part of any girl’s beauty look) and coconut oil (because it is great for your skin and great for cooking as well- especially when you’re on a desert island).”


We Called It: Karlie Kloss Named New Face of L’Oréal Paris


There were rumblings in France back in March that Karlie Kloss was “worth it.” L’Oréal Paris posted a suspicious photo of the American model alongside Lara Stone and Liya Kebede to its Instagram account. While the beauty giant didn’t confirm (nor deny) that Kloss was part of the family, I saw the writing on the wall. As of today, however, I’m happy to report that it’s official. Along with Nike and Victoria’s Secret, the St. Louis supe has landed herself yet another big brand. “It’s a dream,” said Kloss. “I’ve had the privilege of working for the past seven years, and if I’ m totally honest, toward this.” Not that earning her wings on the VS runway meant nothing—those were also a to-do: “On my list I had a number of things, some I can’t tell you because they’re so embarrassing—I think I said marry somebody ridiculous,” laughed the catwalker of the “life dreams” she jotted down in high school. “But I had L’Oréal, American Vogue, and Victoria’s Secret.” Check, check, and check. Here, the model and social media darling sat down exclusively with to discuss her best advice for beating jet lag (hint: sneakers are involved), the Parisian snack she smuggles through customs, and the bestie she’s dubbed Chef Boyardee.

What are the top three beauty rules you abide by?
My rules are very simple. I am constantly having makeup and hair products put on and taken off, so for me, my rules are to just take the day off every night before I go to bed—no matter how late. I make sure I really cleanse and get everything off, so skincare is key. I try to moisturize to keep my skin and hair in its best condition, but even more than what I do in that sense, I really try to take care of myself in every way possible—that’s why I’m so passionate about fitness and health. I think it trickles down to every other aspect of beauty: your skin and hair quality, how you feel, and your energy.

I’m sure you have a few must-have products and beauty strategies up your sleeve at this point.
I multitask when I’m in the shower: I brush my teeth and I cleanse. I use a Clarisonic with a mild cleanser, and really that’s it. But then for my hair, there’s this one conditioner and shampoo that volumizes [ L’Oréal Paris Volume Filler Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner].

I believe your fellow blond and spokesperson Blake Lively likes that one, too.
It’s so good. My hair has taken a beating through the years, so it helps plump it up. Plus, it smells really good.

Speaking of your hair, did you know Garren cutting it into the bob—which is now known simply as “The Karlie”—would be such a big deal?
Not in the slightest. I never cut my hair—I had baby, virgin hair—and I was really traumatized! Garren will tell you, I cried when he cut my hair! It was a total shock. I had not planned for it to become a thing, but I think for me, it was fun to experiment. And I just went blond recently.

Is the saying true—are you having more fun as a blond?
Well, I did it right at the beginning of summer. So this whole summer, I’ve been having more fun because of my blond hair—I’m convinced. I was hesitant about it at first, but I think the blond worked with a tan. I’m always basic with my makeup, and have always stuck to a little bit of blush, a great mascara, and really moisturized skin. I feel like blond accentuates your eye color and the quality of your skin really stands out. I’ve had to just adjust how I do makeup, and outfit-wise, I think it just sort of changes the way that you feel. I don’t know what it is, but when you have a great hair day, you just have an extra pep in your step.

No doubt. It appears that your cut influenced the celebrity crowd, too—including your friend Taylor Swift. Has she taught you any good beauty tips?
She does a killer red lip. I’ll give that girl credit. She can whip a red lip on like nobody else, and it’s amazing. Even if we’re working out, she’ll have on this gorgeous red lip. She’s not human!

Are you ever tempted to wear a red lip to the gym as well?
You know, I think I would end up having the red lip from ear to ear. I’m not as graceful with a red lip as she is.

Do you push her at the gym, or does she push you? Who is more competitive?
We’re a good team because we kind of push each other just to get there, just to get to the door! It’s important to have a good friend that challenges you—even if it’s simply to get to the gym.

Who is better in the kitchen?
I love to bake, because I’ve always had a sweet tooth. My Gran—she taught me how to bake my whole life, but cooking was never anything I ever took the time to learn. I would always rather have a cookie than make some complicated dinner! But Taylor is an expert [chef].

What is Taylor’s signature dish?
I’m vegetarian, so I don’t eat meat, but she makes a mean Brussels sprouts and cauliflower side dish that is tasty, and grilled fish. She’s Chef Boyardee!

Since you’re the newest face of such a famous French brand, do you raid the Parisian pharmacies and bring back beauty souvenirs?
My souvenirs tend to be edible objects…Now you can have Ladurée in New York, so the charm is gone, but there is another kind of macaron that JPG [Jean-Paul Gaultier] told me about: Pierre Hermé. I order them by the dozen and then I smuggle them in my suitcase, so don’t tell customs.

I think your cookie trafficking might be out after this. Do you have any tips for falling asleep on a transatlantic flight?
I’ve trained myself to sleep on a plane. I’ve got a whole method.

Do tell.
I always take the 8 p.m. flight to Paris. If you get on the 5 p.m., you’re not going to sleep a lot. It’s not enough time. I don’t drink caffeine anytime after noon—so no coffee. I bring an eye mask, fuzzy socks, and a really comfortable outfit—like a sweater and comfy pants.

But not pajamas, right?
Not pajamas! I don’t take it there—you’ve got to keep it chic! You never know who you’ll run into on the plane. I always find that I run into Marc Jacobs and everyone else that shouldn’t catch you in your pajamas.

So these comfy and chic plane clothes you speak of, what are they? I need them.
I have these amazing cashmere Stefanel sweatpants that are just so obnoxious. They’re heaven. They’ve gotten a lot of use!

What about beating jet lag? Any cure-alls?
I beat jet lag, funnily enough, by exercising. I feel like whenever I’m in another time zone and just feeling out of it, I force myself to go for at least a mile run and wear myself out. That helps me go to sleep.

Somehow, I just can’t see myself jumping off an eight-hour flight and going for a run.
My other secret is liquid melatonin because it’s instant. It wipes you out. It’s the best. And that’s another thing: physical exercise, eating well, and good sleep make all the difference in your skin and your energy. Everyone always asks, “What’s the secret to beauty?” and I really find that for me, I feel most beautiful when I feel like I have energy and I feel confident. I think all of that comes back to taking care of yourself, and sleep is a huge part of that.


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