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Vogue BRTV: Karlie Kloss for Vogue Brazil July

The July 2014 issue is already on newsstands and Karlie Kloss brings top as covergirl on goth chic climate for this winter.

Vogue Brazil July 2014 to hit newsstands now, but the photos of the cover and editorial with Karlie Kloss top were made by Henrique Gendre at the end of 2013 – it was hard to keep the secret, believe me. With goth chic climate, beautiful appear on the cover with Animale dress and accessories Butler & Wilson – Luis Fiod styling – and dramatic beauté, signed by Max Weber.

In the editorial that fills the magazine, the dark mood continues on clicks of intense color or black-and-white total. There’s no way to disguise: an Editorial winter. Check out the results on newsstands, and to complete the experience, look at the making of the shooting to end the page with video aura of German expressionism directed by Luis Fiod in partnership with Arturo Querzoli, the Gazpacho Movies.

Source, translated by Google.


For more photos of Karlie from this photoshoot visit our gallery.

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Karlie Kloss, the “gentlewoman”

If a word could defining a person, Karlie Kloss would be a “gentlewoman”. Newcomer in Cannes, it was time to climb the stairs to attend the screening of Grace of Monaco (she loved it) and the big opening night … Before concluding bedridden for four days: “I have worked very hard recent months on end, I think my body finally said stop. ” Here she is again with her walk very large and elegant (like the rest of her body) on a Sunday morning in May, on the terrace of the Chopard suite on the top floor of the Martinez hotel.

She thanked us “forever” for agreeing to shift the interview, ensures that one has to drink while untying her endless legs. Being in Cannes makes her want to be part of the cinema world? Not at the moment: “I got some suggestions, but I do not feel ready. This is a difficult transition to go from model to actress. Only few have succeeded, as Charlize Theron and Liya. It takes a lot of work.” That does not scare the girl

Karlie Kloss is the model who reign in the fashion world since seven years with her unique approach to the runways, arrogant and sexy swaying, she associates it with her ​​training as ballerina. “”I wish to make my career, but I grew up too fast. Today I 185cm, 15 years old I was already 1.80, which was much too big to be a ballerina. You must be the same size of the company. It seems that it was not in my cards! ”

When she is in New York, the top model engages in Ballet Beautiful, invented by a former dancer with the New York City Ballet sport mixture gymnastics, fitness and ballet. And it works: the creators love, she does all the most prestigious campaigns (Dior, Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs), traveled around the world, joined in 2013, the family Victoria’s Secret, which she became one of the ‘Angels’. This is also at the last show that the top Lily Aldridge presented her with the singer Taylor Swift and since that day Taylor become her new BFF, and with whom she shares a passion for cookies. Because when she is not working, Karlie made ​​cookies. And she eats. “I always have one in my bag. I eat all day!” To prove she is not lying, she opens her bag and indeed between her laptop and her lipstick, there triple chocolate cookie well packaged.

She also travels for pleasure. Last trip to date: a backpacking in Burma with her boyfriend on New Year. She speaks well, smiles a lot, is extremely polished. From time to time, she responds with small bits in French. She was asked where she learned our language. “I work with many French artists, this is both a great opportunity and the least of things. But I still have progress to make, it is not easy. And I want to learn from others. ”

Discovery at the age of 15 years, Karlie has not had the opportunity to go to college. No regrets, but it catches up when her schedule permits. She reads a lot, and just take a course at Harvard, that Anita Elberse ‘s on the business of entertainment, media and sport. “I find it fascinating, and I would develop my own business, starting with market my cookies. But I love my life. I learn things every day, even if I do not spend my time nose in books”. If Karlie had not become a model, she would be… doctor… “I was very good at science at school. My father is a doctor, so I thought a surgeon emergency physician or pediatrician. I love children… I ‘want it as much as my parents!”.

Karlie since childhood in Missouri, she is a little four daughters of Dr. Kloss .Second in a family of four sisters, she grew up in a big old Victorian house next to St. Louis, surrounded by fields of sight and animals.. “I have wonderful memories there, especially in summer. My parents instilled good values​​. Family, work, recognition “. Probably one of the reasons why Karlie has the head on her shoulders despite the medium glitter in which it operates: “When I started, my mother, my grandmother or my sister traveling with me I was. never alone, I stayed out of trouble. And this is always the case! Sometimes I party with my friends, but honestly, I work so I prefer an evening at home”. Head on her shoulders, and a future in the firmament.

Source, transladed by Google

Karlie Kloss Now Has Blonde Hair!

Karlie is a Blonde!–Do blondes really have more fun? Looks like Karlie Kloss can be added to the list of girls that find out.

The model who can be seen in Lancaster Paris’ fall campaign shared these images on Instagram of her blonde hairdo while attending an exhibit for Peruvian photographer Mario Testino who is also pictured with her in the photographs.

She captioned one image with this: “Celebrating the opening of a new exhibit last night at #MATE with the king of Peru, Mr. @mariotestino. Ps….notice anything different with my hair?” What do you think of Karlie’s new blonde hair?


Victoria’s Secret model Karlie Kloss gets down to business

Kloss dishes on Harvard, entrepreneurship, and cookies.

As if her high cheekbones and perfect body weren’t reason enough to think Karlie Kloss was a specter put on earth to torment the average woman, the 21-year-old Victoria’s Secret model is also a philanthropist, some-time Harvard Business School student, and entrepreneur. (Oh, and she’s dating venture capitalist and real estate scion Joshua Kushner.) But to resent her too much would be to miss out on some of her hip and ambitious collaborations, the proceeds of which will go to getting healthy food to needy children.

Last week, Kloss launched a new design project with trendy eyewear designer Warby Parker as part of a philanthropic venture that will donate profits to Edible Schoolyard NYC. That’s in addition to another charitable collaboration with the famous Momofuku Milkbar to sell a healthy cookie. Kloss is also involved with the Clinton Global Initiative and attended the United Nations’ Global Accelerator conference. Fortune recently spoke with fashion’s emerging entrepreneur to get her take on corporate strategy and philanthropy. Below is an edited transcript of the conversation.

Fortune: How did the deal with Warby Parker happen?
Kloss: It happened organically. Neil [Blumenthal], Dave [Gilboa], and I met at a basketball game a few years ago, and just sort of hit it off. We decided to collaborate on something together. For me, it was exciting to be a part of the design process from the very inception of it. Normally, I’m involved at the very last stage of the advertising component for fashion brands or for any kind of company, but it was exciting for me to be involved on a very hands-on level—in the creation and design process. Being in the office, seeing the office culture, seeing the business from the inside out. That’s something I don’t normally have exposure to.

What was it like working with those guys?
I wish I had a desk job there. They have this really great energy in the office. Everybody is so creative and excited about what they’re doing. The way that the business model is structured, and the way that they operate is that as the company grows, the more successful the company becomes, the more glasses you’re able to sell, the more they’re able to donate. It’s sort of an incredible win-win for everyone. It gives purpose in a different kind of way than just profits. Impact is priceless.

You took a weeklong executive education course at Harvard Business School titled, “The Business of Media, Entertainment, and Sports.” What was the most valuable part of that program?
There were a lot of really valuable parts of that experience. I got to interact with the other students, who happened to be executives with 30 years under their belts in their field. All of us were in the business, entertainment, or media industries. It was interesting for me because I got to hear the perspectives from the corporate side of it, the people who work within companies. And they got to hear my perspective from my experiences working on the talent side.

One of the classes was taught by Sir Alex Ferguson, he was the coach of Manchester United for 25 or 30 years. He’s amazing. He’s this very famous coach who one of the [business] cases was written about, and he actually came in to teach and talk about the case. It was just this amazing opportunity to be a student again and to experience HBS.

How did your perspective change over the course of the class?
I think I just had a greater appreciation for all of the people that work on the corporate side. Whenever I get involved with a company—for instance doing a simple advertising job with them—I show up at the end of that process, so I miss all of the strategy and planning, the thought and energy that goes into it. It’s less to do with fashion, but it just gave me a greater appreciation for the manpower and corporate side of industry.

Which entrepreneurs do you find to be the most inspirational?
I am fascinated by social entrepreneurs, people who can take an idea and help it grow into a sustainable and successful business model, but also be able to make a social impact either through their product or through donations they make through their product. That’s something that I’m really inspired by. I want to learn how to apply that to projects and businesses that I start. Warby Parker is certainly one. And Lauren Bush, who works with the organization FEED. I work with her on my “Kookie” project, where a portion of the proceeds go to FEED. She also designs bags and different accessories that raise funds and awareness for baby formula, school lunches, and all sorts of different great things.

What exactly is the “Kookie” project?
It’s a combination of many things I care about: health and nutrition, but also baking, incorporating healthy alternative ingredients. Healthy foods can taste good. I wasn’t always aware of that growing up in the Midwest. This is a project that I started about a year-and-a-half ago with Momofuku Milk Bar, with Christina Tosi. She and I collaborated to come up with this recipe using healthy, alternative ingredients. So, no butter, no sugar, no eggs, no dairy, and none of the things you automatically think of when you think of a cookie. We eliminated all of those and decided to work with almond butter, agave, and olive oil, toasted slivered almonds, and gluten-free rolled oats. We created this cookie, and launched it for Fashion’s Night Out. We’ve been able to sell it in bakeries around the city and we’ve donated 500,000 school lunches from the sales over the past year-and-a-half.

What did you learn about the gritty business side? Are the margins on cookies tighter when you’re working with more expensive ingredients?
I’m fascinated by business, and I love new challenges. I’m hoping to scale this project into an actual business that can be profitable, sustainable, and can grow, but can make social impact in the way Warby Parker has been able to accomplish. For me, it’s a challenge I’m facing now–how to scale and keep costs down to be able to make it affordable and accessible on a mass scale, and not to lose the quality of your product.

Any big business projects on your horizon?
Always! Always excited about where life leads. Again, I just enjoy continuing to learn and I’m an entrepreneur at heart. I’m just trying to learn from everyone I possibly can. I’m always working on small projects, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted.


Elle USA July 2014 Editorial

Magazines > Editorials > 2014 > Elle USA July

Magazine: Elle US (July 2014)
Title: Screen Stars
Photographed by: Christian Ferretti
Styled by: Sabina Schreder

Screen Stars
These vlogging, tweeting, Instogramming beauty geniuses share their IRL secrets for glossy hair, bright lips, and glowy no-filter skin.

On location for her ELLE shoot, Karlie Kloss glides through a series of uncomplicated but hypnotic poses: cradling a medicine ball, tensing a jump rope, holding a deep plié. It’s the Kloss factor in full effect: This combination of strength, muscularity, and easy grace is a big part of her brand, and fashion reveres her for the way she moves on set and on the runway. She’s lean, but she’s no wimpy waif-which is why she‘s a fitness icon. With close to a million Instagram followers, the classically trained ballet dancer’s feed is peppered with #fitspo pictures: Karlie underwater for a morning swim; Karlie’s neon hand weights flanked by her Nike FlyKnit-clad feet. In a new relationship with the brand, the kinetic 21-year-old model is not just a face-or a body-but an athlete. “I like to constantly be in motion, whether that’s taking a bike ride around the city or working with a trainer and feeling like I’m going to collapse.” Kloss says. “When you’re dripped in sweat, you feel like you can think clearly. You feel stronger.”

Whom do you love to fillow on social media?
I’m into anyone who posts beautiful photos of delicious meals and recipes. I’m a big fan of @momomilkbar and @jamieoliver.

If you had to edit your phone down to three apps, which ones would make the cut?
I live on Instagram. I feel like I check it more than my e-mail. I like Uber and Nike Training Club. a program that‘s a lot more convenient than a personal trainer.

How do you fit in workouts when you’re traveling?
I bring two- or three-pound ankle weights and resistance bands. Sometimes I get a better workout staying in my room and forcing myself to do half an hour or even 15 minutes versus going to the gym. Before I leave for work, I try to do something. It helps me feel better for the rest of the day.

Do you have any special rituals for keeping skin clear?
I get breakouts when I wear makeup to exercise, so I clean my face before and after I work out. It‘s hard because you go to Equinox and there are more people there than at the nightclub. I also use Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. I’m always shocked and horrified at all the junk in my pores.

What are your beauty staples?
I have a whole second bedroom filled with products, but I stick to the things that work. I like Living Proof shampoo and conditioner. They make my hair bounce in a different way. I like products that streamline my morning routine. Sunday Riley has a really good foundation; it’s very velvety. The Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is good. I love RMS “Un” Cover-Up for under the eyes or on a blemish.

Have you picked up any tips from makeup artists backstage?
My lips are sort of red, so sometimes I wear a bit of concealer to tone down the color. I’ve seen Pat McGrath do it for so many years. But if I’m doing a lip, there’s this new company that I love called Bite Beauty. I think you can eat their lipsticks! If you can eat it. then it’s probably okay to put on your skin.


Karlie Kloss x Warby Parker Sunglasses line

Campaigns > 2014 > Karlie Kloss X Warby Parker Sunglasses Line

Season: 2014
Photographed by: Sebastian Kim

Karlie Kloss (one of the most talked about and recognizable models around) is once again proving she’s way more than just a pretty face. In 2012, Kloss developed a line of do-good wholesome cookies, adorably dubbed Karlie’s Kookies, in partnership with Momofuku Milk Bar, with proceeds benefiting hungry children around the world. So it makes sense that Kloss has now turned her attention to another project with a purpose: one-for-one Warby Parker sunglasses (the brand distributes a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair of eyewear it sells).

The Karlie Kloss x Warby Parker collection comprises three chic wire-frame styles (below) that boast gradient lenses washed in colors ranging from Faded Slate to Violet Clover. But most importantly, for each pair sold a donation will be made to a nonprofit organization that’s dear to Kloss: the Edible Schoolyard NYC, whose mission is to make fresh fruits and vegetables more accessible to those living in low-income areas.

We picked Kloss’s brain to find out details about the design process, the story behind the styles, and how the collection speaks to her personal style. Read on and then proceed to to select one of your own. Each style rings in at $145, available starting today!

How did your collaboration with Warby Parker come about?
I’ve known Warby Parker co-founders Neil and Dave for years and have always admired Warby Parker’s commitment to social enterprise. We’ve been wanting to work together for a while now and luckily it just worked out perfectly to collaborate on this collection this year!

Why are you excited about this collection?
The whole process of collaborating with Warby Parker has been so much fun, and it’s been such a team effort to bring this collection to life. And the sunglasses are beautiful! Plus, a percentage of proceeds will benefit Edible Schoolyard NYC, an organization close to my heart that builds, maintains and staffs garden and kitchen classrooms in low-income public schools.

What is unique about it? What’s the story behind the wire accents?
The collaboration includes three new styles, each retailing for $145. The Julia frame is our reinterpretation of the classic teardrop shape. We played around with that silhouette by resizing the lens shapes and adding distinct wire accents to the Clara and Marple frames. All three frames feature a gorgeous ombre effect in the lenses.

How does this collection speak to your style?
We wanted something that was incredibly polished and eye-catching but still full of personality, so we started with a classic teardrop shape and gave it a spin. The collection definitely emulates my personal style—simple and classic.

What was the design process like? Did you already have certain styles in mind? Or did they evolve into what they are now?
I worked hand in hand with the Warby Parker design and creative teams to conceptualize the styles in the collection, and I’m so happy with the result of our hard work: the perfect sunwear collection that is feminine and confident.

Which one is your favorite piece, and why?
I am in love with the Clara frames in heirloom gold. They have this awesome rounded shape to the frame that gives them a retro feel, but at the same time, they’re super wearable. I’ve been wearing them nonstop!

What kind of a woman do your sunglasses target?
I’d like to think they’re for every girl! They’re super wearable and go with everything.

When it comes to summer fashion/style, why are sunglasses so important?
They’re essential! Not just as a fashion piece but for protecting your eyes in the summer months when it’s so sunny. Sunglasses easily up the style quotient on any outfit and can instantly make you feel chic!



Karlie Kloss – The Coveteur

To be completely candid (or should that be kompletely kandid?), there’s something about a 21-year-old, six-foot-something brunette who’s all legs, glow-y skin and swingy bobbed waves (with time at Harvard under her belt, to boot), that should inspire emotions, well, a lot closer to envy rather than encouragement. And that’s to put it lightly. But when it comes to the case of Karlie Kloss (aren’t you impressed with us for resisting the urge to get all alliterative with that one?), we kind of couldn’t help but fall hard, juuust a little.

For starters, the model-slash-burgeoning mogul is genuinely nice, despite rubbing shoulders with industry legends (and we do mean legends) on the daily and having graced the most major of catwalks since the tender age of 15 (she’s an old pro, you guys). Oh, and while preening for the likes of Steven Meisel and Annie Leibowitz may be her 9-to-5, girl also has collaborations with everyone from Momofuku to Frame Denim to an upcoming collection with the eyewear aficionados at Warby Parker (launching tomorrow) taking up precious time in her iCal. And did we mention a portion of the proceeds from the latter is going to the nonprofit Edible Schoolyard NYC? We told you: if she wasn’t so impossible not to like we would have to hate her.

We spent our afternoon with Kloss getting the grand (and we do mean grand) tour of her brand new West Village townhouse and raiding her Tamara Mellon and Coach-filled closet before running off to the park for an impromptu excursion through Kloss’ ‘hood. Kloss, in a yellow cut-out sundress by Reformation and with Go-Pro in hand, owned our photog’s Jake’s camera as she walked us through a nearby park—at least, she did before our spontaneous jaunt was crashed by a pint-sized soccer player who took a serious liking to our crew (to put it mildly), even sitting in our laps before running off again. See what we mean about the model being impossible not to like?

Click here for see the full article.

For more photos of Karlie from the interview, go to the gallery.

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Inside KARLIE KLOSS’ closet

If you’ve been keeping up with The Coveteur on Instagram (and if you aren’t, well, what are you waiting for?), you may have come across the appearance of one Miss Karlie Kloss—who you might know better as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, favorite of Steven Meisel and burgeoning baked good mogul. And while the full tour of her home and closet is—you guessed it—coming soon to a Coveteur near you (or should we make that Koveteur? Ed. note: what is it with K’s and their affinity for alliteration?), we thought a little a little televisual sneak peek was just what the doctor ordered. Not to get all spoiler-y or anything, but highlights include: the disappearance of more than a few Karlie’s Kookies (what?! They’re gluten and dairy free!), the reveal of Kloss’ first ever designer splurge, a sneak peek of her collaboration with Warby Parker, her go-to beauty routine and her prized bottle of blinged-out, customized Moët. But enough out of us—press play already!

P.S. Stay tuned for the full tour of Karlie’s kloset—er, closet—this Monday, June 9th. Mark that down in your iCals, stat!


‘Karlie Kloss’ Into The Gloss Interview

“I’m six feet, one-and-a-half inches—at least, last time I checked. I live in my ballet flats because they don’t add any height. Flat-footed, I’m not taller than my boyfriend, but with heels, absolutely—and he’s about 6’3. Dance was always my thing growing up, and I think that’s why I treat myself more as an athlete than just a model. I love to challenge myself physically and mentally.

But I’m not a professional athlete, I’m not a professional dancer, I’m not a professional anything; I have never considered modeling an actual job title. I have yet to determine what my job actually is but, yeah, modeling is a fun and funny gig.

Sure, I’ve had to make choices between my body and my optimal healthy look, starting a career at 15 in an industry where, as a model, my body is a part of my business. And from 15 to 21, naturally everybody changes. I’ve had to find a happy point of where I feel best and also can do my job.

I am aware that I am part of an image that other young girls see and I want to be proud of that, even though there is this double standard of being healthy and what that actually means in my industry. But I feel healthiest and most beautiful when I take care of myself in everything from what’s on my top shelf in my bathroom to eating well and doing exercise.

Maybe it’s my background in dance, but I feel most beautiful when I feel strong. My body is strong. To me, beauty is so much more about how you feel than products, and that comes down to what you’re putting in your body and how you take care of yourself. And I’ve learned that more about health and nutrition than I did when I was starting out. At age 15, 16, 17, traveling all the time, I could eat whatever I wanted and I was a stick, a twig. I wasn’t conscious about what I was eating, it was just not part of my educational upbringing in the Midwest. That was something I really learned in moving to New York, being in this city where there are so many alternative options, so many kind of foods.

As I’ve gotten—I hate to say it—older, or, as time goes on, my body responds differently and I’ve learned so much about how to take care of myself. Nutrition-wise, I think the ‘aha moment’ was when I even changed my baking. When I was 18, I stopped dancing as much as I had been, and my body started to change, and I was just eating whatever, not really thinking about it. I would always make my Gram’s butter-and-sugar, normal chocolate-chip cookies. But then I got on a health kick, and I got really big into trying different kinds of exercises, I hired a trainer, Justin Gelband, and I try to do something every day, even if it’s just stretching or a one-mile run. A body in motion stays in motion.

I’m also constantly trying different ingredients in the kitchen, or thinking about what I’m putting in or on my body. I love to try new beauty products that are cleaner, more natural, or organic alternatives that I was never exposed to growing up. Like coconut water—there wasn’t much of it in St. Louis. When my parents used to see it in the fridge they’d be like, ‘What is this gross stuff?’ It’s hysterical, my dad loves it now, but my family used to come over and I remember one time, my aunt tried the Juice Press I had and was like, ‘This is terrible! Karlie, what are you doing to yourself?!’ But being conscious of all of that, I feel different, I feel completely different.

For food, I think everything in moderation, and variety is key. It’s the same thing with products. For example, I just tried this new shampoo by Living Proof and it makes my hair bounce differently. I think it’s a combination of both switching up what you’re using and the specific product. I see the same thing with exercise: when I switch up exercises, I feel and see a difference in my body.

In terms of my beauty routine, when I’m getting ready in the morning, less is more; it’s about how quickly I can get out the door, which is why I like Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Bisque. I like using tinted moisturizer because it doesn’t clog pores. It combines a great moisturizer with that velvety ‘veil’ you want that doesn’t look too cakey or too covered-up. And then I use a bit of RMS Un Cover-Up in 22. My skin is very dry, so oily products are never a problem, and what I like about Un Cover-Up is that I can use it here on a pimple but also to take my lip color down a little on shoots or whenever. I have really red, bright lips and I like to mute it sometimes. This has a good texture and it has a bit of green in it, which cuts the red down but not in a drastic way that makes it look crazy, like I have no lips.

I love a cream blush because the powder alternative is too messy and it takes up too much room in my carry-on to bring a brush, and a bronzer, and a powder blush, so I always use the Laura Mercier Cream Cheek Color. It’s dewy, and I love the fact that it’s not really red. It’s that kind of ’90s look that’s all about dewy and really gorgeous skin and building up from there. I like the Givenchy Mister Light for under the eyes. I like really creamy, dewy stuff. For mascara, I use either L’Oréal’s Voluminous Million Lashes or Marc Jacobs’. I like his because it’s a gel and has a big fat brush, so it applies smoothly—none of that clumpy stuff.

In general, though, I work with the best hair and makeup artists in the world, so I don’t try to pretend that I’m an expert. I like to just take care of my skin and create a great foundation for these artists to transform me into whatever character on the shoot. I like to use Caudalie Gentle Cleanser with my Clarisonic to wash my face and Bioderma Crealine to take off makeup.

I just found this one moisturizer that I really like: Earth Tu Face Hydrate + Repair. It’s kind of waxy, but it’s really hydrating and is probably injected with coconut oil. I love all oils, coconut, olive—I actually use olive oil on my skin weirdly enough. I like taking a basic cream, like Embryolisse, and mixing in a drop of the Decléor Neroli serum or Rodin oil. Especially in the winter, my skin gets really dry so I do whatever I can to moisturize. And for lip balm, I love Bag Balm because it does the trick but it doesn’t smell good, I’ll tell you that. [Laughs]

When I started doing research into nail care and nail polish, I found out that being ‘five free’ is really important—it means the product doesn’t have the unhealthy additives. Deborah Lippmann’s are ‘five free,’ but that also means eliminating a lot of the ingredients that make the polish harden, shine, etc. It’s a lot like baking gluten-free and vegan things. It’s creating the same delicious end-product—great nail polish—but without the easy go-to chemicals, or the butter, sugar, eggs, and dairy. Weird metaphor, but Deborah’s ‘five free’ mission was when I first became interested in finding other products that share that same clean—or cleaner—message. I like Tatcha’s products, the Ren Gylcol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask, and Harry’s razors, the ones made for guys since they don’t have women’s versions yet.

I’m super simple with my hair but I do love Harry Josh’s new line of tools, the dryer and his new straightener, too. My hair grows really slowly, so I’m not trying to do anything intentional to it, but it’s taking forever to grow out. Right now, I’m liking the Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray by Oribe, and also the Bob Recine hair oil, which gives shine but doesn’t make it droop.

Otherwise, Source Naturals Liquid Melatonin is really, really good. It’s a homeopathic solution to help you sleep. I’m knocked out in like 10 minutes; it’s really potent stuff, so it’s the last thing I’ll do before going to bed.

What else…I kind of fell off the Invisalign bandwagon and didn’t complete my first round so I had to do it again; this is Invisalign: Round Two. But the next time I do an Into The Gloss interview, hopefully I will be done.”

—as told to ITG


For more photos of Karlie from the interview, go to the gallery.

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Karlie Kloss, Warby Parker Collaborated on Sunglass Collection

Karlie Kloss is best known for her modeling career (OK, and her delicious cookies), but model isn’t the only title the 21-year-old wants to hold.

The Victoria’s Secret Angel has decided to try her hand at designing again through a new partnership with eyewear brand Warby Parker.

According to Vogue, Kloss is to collaborate on a range of sunglasses with Warby Parker (the project is featured in the magazine’s May issue). The forthcoming capsule collection will include three metal frames that each feature ombre lenses and have a 1970s aesthetic.

Additionally, this creative collaboration has a charity element. Proceeds from the sales of the glasses, which cost $145, will benefit Edible Schoolyard NYC, which is a nonprofit that encourages low-income public school children to eat healthier.

“Very excited to be collaborating with Warby Parker on a special collection to benefit Edible Schoolyard NYC featured here in Vogue Magazine this month! More details to come in June, stay tuned….#karliexwarby,” Kloss wrote on her Facebook page.

While Kloss has already been spotted wearing a pair of sunglasses from the upcoming collection, they won’t actually be available for the public to purchase until June 10.

This isn’t the first time Kloss has played the part of designer though. In May 2013, the model collaborated with denim brand Frame on two styles of jeans that were created for long-legged ladies.

“It’s a really exciting collaboration for me, because it came out of necessity,” Kloss told Fashionista at a preview of the line.

“I’ve been insecure my whole life about my height because I couldn’t find clothes to fit my body.”
Based on the sneak peek in Vogue, what do you think of Kloss’ sunglasses for Warby Parker? Will you pick up a pair when the collection debuts? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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