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LONDON, FEBRUARY 23: Karlie Kloss attends The Elle Style Awards 2016 on February 23, 2016 in London, England.

This week our March cover star Karlie Kloss took home the award for ‘Inspiring Woman Of The Year’. And while receiving the award she did something very special. She made a speech, which made the whole room at the Tate Britain feel, well really very empowered.

Here’s what she said;

I am humbled to be here tonight because of what this award means. I see it as something much bigger than me as I am constantly inspired by the brilliant, beautiful women I encounter every day, everywhere. They each have their own powerful, unique stories that contribute to our vibrant world.

I want to take a moment to speak to those women, I want you to know that THIS – passion, curiosity – is the most stylish and beautiful part of us. Be courageous, be curious. Be you.

Thank you again ELLE for this award and for reminding us that a woman’s intellect never goes out of style.’

Amen to that Karlie!


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If Karlie Kloss is the unofficial ambassador for American girls everywhere, our public image is in good hands. She’s kind, she’s smart, she makes cookies for charity, and she has some kickass friends. (No, really.)

When Kloss surfaced at London Fashion Week—first at the Fabulous Fund Fair, then at Topshop—we grabbed the ELLE UKcover girl for a quick chat.

Last Fashion Week, you told us about starting school at NYU. How’s it going?
School’s going really well, thank you for asking! I’m taking a lighter course load, just part time right now because I’m so busy with work. But I love going to class. I forgot how much I loved going to class, actually. But I also forgot what having school homework feels like: stressful!

What’s your favorite subject?
Right now I’m taking a computer science class that’s amazing. I took coding classes, like, two years ago, and they really opened my mind up to what tech can do for people. And I want to encourage more young women to get involved in coding, because it’s important for them to be able to help shape the future, and coding is the future. I’m in class myself to be part of that.

How’s the ratio of men to women in your computer science class?
In classes, I think that balance is getting better, slowly.

You’re not just “fashion famous” anymore, you’re a real celebrity. Are you allowed to be a regular student in class?
The NYU kids are really cool, actually. They’re independent, and everyone’s got their own thing. I walk into class and I’m totally normal. I mean, I am totally normal.

Of course you are. But nobody feels normal in college!
[Laughing] That’s true.

You’re an overachiever and so are ELLE.com readers. What’s your advice to them on starting new projects?
Do you know that I’m a huge procrastinator? You might not assume so, but I always wait until the last minute to get something done. So I guess I would say, it’s okay to put things off until the very last minute as long as you know you’ve got them under control.

Wow. You really are a normal college student.
I told you!


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Public Appearances > 2016 > Topshop Unique Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show

LONDON, FEBRUARY 21: Karlie Kloss attends the Topshop Unique Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show at The Tate Britain on February 21, 2016 in London, England.

Candids and Street Style > 2016 > February 21: Karlie Kloss Leaving Topshop Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show

Candids and Street Style > 2016 > February 21: Karlie Kloss Out And About In London

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Public Appearances > 2016 > The Naked Heart Foundation’s Fabulous Fund Fair 2016

LONDON, FEBRUARY 20: Karlie Kloss attended the Naked Heart Foundation Fabulous Fund Fair on February 20, 2016 at the Old Billingsgate Market in London.

Candids and Street Style > 2016 > February 20: Karlie Kloss Attends The Naked Heart Foundation’s Fabulous Fund Fair

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Congratulations to supermodel and tech entrepreneur, Karlie Kloss, who is ELLE UK’s Inspiring Woman of The Year!

Karlie will formally receive her award at the ELLE Style Awards 2016, the official closing party for London Fashion Week, taking place next Tuesday, February 23.

The ‘Inspiring Woman of the Year’ category is a new addition to the annual ELLE Style Awards that honours and recognises Kloss’s motivating contribution to the industry as well as her entrepreneurial and philanthropic work.

Karlie Kloss has launched various charitable initiatives including her scholarship programme ‘Kode with Karlie’ that inspires a new generation of women to learn to code.

The influential supermodel has graced international catwalks and has long been a favourite of ELLE UK, appearing on the cover and guest editing its Tech Trailblazers March Issue.

The ELLE Style Awards, in association with H&M, is a fabulous way to bring London Fashion Week to a close, with film stars, pop royalty and fashion industry luminaries coming together to celebrate style in all its many, brilliant and exhilarating forms.


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“I might not look good in this light!” That’s Karlie Kloss, backstage at Ralph Lauren, pressed cheek to cheek with Tom Pecheux for a post-makeup selfie. The idea that Kloss would look bad in any light is, of course, absurd, but today the supermodel looks particularly fresh-faced, despite the 7:00 a.m. call time—with the kind of flawless complexion that cannot be created with bronzer alone.

“I haven’t been sleeping as much as I would like,” she confesses. So what’s the secret to Kloss’s upbeat mood and ever-present glow? A simple energy-boosting smoothie, blended at her West Village home a few hours earlier, that uses three ingredients and takes all of two minutes to prepare: Frozen bananas, a little bit of almond milk, and a dash of protein powder. “When you start the day running out the door, it’s nice to have something with substance,” Kloss says, taking a sip from the clear plastic cup. “It’s super quick. Frozen bananas alone, actually, blended are amazing, but you can add a little almond milk and protein powder, then you are good to go!”

As for the Zen attitude she maintains throughout New York Fashion Week, Kloss has been relying on Headspace, a guided meditation app that leads you through brief focused breaths and mindfulness exercises. “I always stick in my headphones when I’m in hair and makeup and take 10 minutes for myself,” she explains. “It’s really nice to be able to center yourself and have a little peace of mind.” Sound advice to take with you to London Fashion Week and beyond.


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Fashion Shows > 2016 – Fall/Winter Ready-To-Wear > Ralph Lauren [Runway]
Fashion Shows > 2016 – Fall/Winter Ready-To-Wear > Ralph Lauren [Backstage]

Candids and Street Style > 2016 > February 18: Karlie Kloss After Ralph Lauren Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show

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Our one-on-one with the gorgeous model.

The gorgeous face of L’Oréal Paris dishes on everything from fashion, beauty, friends, food and more! And, yes, she’s just as sweet as she looks.

You travel so much for work. What’s your packing strategy?
With my passport in hand, my laptop and my suitcase, I can literally travel the world on a whim. I love travelling light. I store everything in different pouches. Keeping everything separate helps, especially when you’re gone for a long time.

Do you change your style depending on the city you’re in or do you stick to a similar look?
I try to just bring key basics, like great sweaters that I can layer. I also like to pack a great pair of boots, heels, flats, jeans, a trench coat and a lot of accessories to sort of mix and match.

What about beauty products? What are your must-haves when you’re travelling?
I’m all about BB cream, because it’s moisturizing but also has light coverage. I love a cream blush to sculpt my cheeks and a cream shadow to smudge along my lash line. Then, I do either a liquid liner or a pencil. It’s easy, but it looks cool. I sometimes use cream blush on my lips or lipstick on my cheeks. I’ll apply concealer under my eyes and on spots but also on my lips, since they’re quite red and I like to make them more nude sometimes.

Any other makeup essentials?
I’m obsessed with the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Superstar Mascara ($14.99). It has been game-changing for me because I don’t have very long lashes and it really picks up the small guys.

Do you have any tricks for taking your makeup from day to night?
I always love a bold lip for nighttime. I feel that it’s a little more dramatic. I love classic reds or deep purples.

Any fashion items on your wish list?
I’m all about boots. I love knee-high suede boots. I’ve been eyeing a few chic ones. I love ’70s silhouettes, colours and the kind of vibe that’s been on the runways. I have some shopping to do!

You attended the VMAs with your friend Taylor Swift and the rest of the Bad Blood squad. How was that?
That was a really fun girls’ night out! I hadn’t seen a lot of my friends for a while, so it was so great to all come back together and have a girls’ night.

Do you guys ever get ready together before a big event like that?
That’s what we did! We all got ready together, which was a bit chaotic. I grew up in a house of girls. I have three sisters, and we would all just share clothes and makeup. It felt a little bit like that when we were all getting ready. It was like prom or getting ready for a school dance.

Fave accounts to follow?
I like following NASA, L’Oréal Paris, fashion publications and The Wall Street Journal. I also really love to follow food blogs and chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay to get good recipes. Eva Longoria is hysterical – I’m obsessed with her! I really got to know her at the last Cannes Film Festival. She’s brilliant! I also love mindbodygreen. And National Geographic is another great one.

Your fave foods?
I’m such a foodie! I love avocado, pomegranate, watermelon, fresh fish and anything that’s in season. All sorts of healthy super-foods.

Do you have a signature dish that you make?
I like taking very fresh ingredients and keeping it simple, like grilled fresh fish and veggies. I love veggies. I sometimes throw some in my Vitamix and it becomes a delicious soup!

Five little things that will always make you happy?
Dark chocolate, holidays, a good night’s sleep (at least eight hours of sleep makes me so happy), finishing a good book and that feeling after a long run.

Your current girl crush?
Jane Fonda.


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Magazines > Editorials > 2016 > US Vogue March

Magazine: US Vogue (March 2016)
Title: Geek Love
Photographed by: Mario Testino
Styled by: Tonne Goodman

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